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Rhythmic Souls started as a collaboration of instructors with more than 60 years of experience in dancing, teaching, competing, and judging. We are here to share our joy, knowledge and love of dance. Our team specializes in partner dancing: West Coast Swing, Salsa, Country, Ballroom, Latin, Theater Arts, Lindy, as well as Country Line dances.

We teach baby beginners to professional level dancers. We can teach you how to have fun on the social dance floor, and can put together competition routines, flash mobs, first dances at weddings, you name it.

What We Teach
How To Get Started
Rhythmic Souls Dance Studio

What We Teach

West Coast Swing

East Coast Swing

Lindy and Charleston



Carolina Shag

Pony Swing

Two Step


Triple Two Step

Nightclub 2

Rhythm Two Step (Arizona Two Step)


Waltz (Country, International Standard, American Smooth)

Foxtrot (International Standard, American Smooth)

Tango (International Standard, American Smooth)


Viennese Waltz

Cha Cha (Country, International Latin, American Rhythm)

Rumba (International Latin, American Rhythm)




Paso Doble








Theater Arts: lifts, dips, drops, tricks, aerials

Line Dances, such as Cowboy Up

Pattern Dances, such as Cowboy Cha Cha


How to Get Started

We know you are intimidated, possibly shy, and definitely out of your comfort zone when it comes to learning to dance. This is the only activity in the world where you touch the other person...appropriately...the first time you meet them. We're here to help you get through these new feelings and enjoy all the incredible benefits that come with dancing. Here are some guidelines to get started.

Step 1. Find something comfy to wear. Jeans and T-shirts/polos/button-up shirts for men, and jeans and T-shirts/cute tops for the ladies are great. Ladies: get flat shoes, tennis shoes are ok, but comfortable flats that will not slide off your feet are better. Stay away from high heels. Learning to dance is much easier in flat shoes. Men: tennis shoes or leather soles are great. Stay away from thick rubber shoes like sneakers or work boots. Canvas shoes like Toms or Bobs are great starter dance shoes.

Step 2. Join a Beginner class. Try it for a month or four classes in one dance. Come to all four.

Step 3. Come to class! You do not need a partner. Yes, we are sure. We rotate partners in every class. If you bring a partner and feel strongly about staying with your partner, that's ok too, just let us know. Do your best to attend all weeks. Take your time learning. There is no hurry, and everyone learns at a different pace. Ask questions. Certain steps will get your brain to work, and other steps will come very easily to you. Keep learning. Expect to mess up your first time, and your fifteenth time. This is dancing. It does not have to be perfect, it just has to be fun. Everyone tries to help everyone; it is human nature. Every week you will learn different moves. You will find that with every week you will pick up steps and moves faster than the previous weeks. You will also find that dancing is the most thoroughly exhilarating and fun activity you will ever do, but we are biased. We love dancing.

Step 4. Do not wait to social dance. Stay for the dance party after class and dance. The goal is to get out there and try it. Come out and social dance as soon as you start taking classes. Social dancing will help cement what you have learned. Your learning process as well as your dancing will improve exponentially. It is absolutely ok if you do not remember everything or do not do it exactly like we did it in class or do not dance it on time. Your motor (muscle) memory will pleasantly surprise you. Even coming out to watch for a bit will help your dancing. Giant benefit: you get to make new friends.

Step 5. Repeat! Repeat! Repeat! Keep learning and dancing. The rewards are greater than you could have ever imagined.

Do you have more questions? Call us: 1-702-723-SPIN (7746)

A note:
Where do private lessons come in? Anywhere. Anytime. Private lessons are always the best way to learn. You can supplement the steps above or you can start your journey with private lessons.

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Hope to see you on the dance floor soon!


FAQ Dance Not at all. You will find lots of them in groups classes and dance parties.
FAQ Dance Not at all, we like it when you come to us with two left feet and no rhythm.
FAQ Dance Anything you are comfortable in, casual attire is best: jeans, khakis, T-shirts, nice tops for ladies.
FAQ Dance We are highly qualified professionals who have trained in multitude of styles giving us that extra edge to approach students from any direction. We take great pride in watching our students grow. We do not use contracts or have any high pressure sales. We promise to provide a friendly, “family like” atmosphere where you can come in; forget about the stresses of your day, and just have a great time learning popular dances while having the opportunity to make new friends and participate in the healthiest and most rewarding activity ever! We have two large ballrooms, totaling over 3000 square feet. Each ballroom has an independent sound system.
FAQ Dance Our goal is to provide a relaxed, comfortable, fun atmosphere for people to learn how to dance, refine their dance skills, and socialize with friends who enjoy the same hobby. Whether you are an experienced dancer looking for new material, or a brand-new beginner taking your first dance steps, or preparing for a special occasion, we offer flexible classes to fit into both, your schedule and your budget. We require no long-term commitment or contracts. Please let us know what we can do to help you achieve your goals in dancing.
FAQ Dance Dance shoes are always recommended; however, if you are just starting out, light-weight, flat shoes with light grip on the floor that hug your foot will work...
FAQ Dance It depends on your goal, and weather you are taking private or group classes or both. Learning via group classes will take longer. Practicing on your own what you have learned in groups or supplementing with privates lessons will definitely help.
FAQ Dance If you do not have a dance in mind, we recommend you look at the type of music you like and places you hang out at. If you are a fan of top 40, classic rock or blues, West Coast Swing is the best. If you like Country music, look at Two Step. If you like Latin music, then Salsa is your thing! If you are a fan of Frank Sinatra, then Foxtrot, Lindy and East Coast Swing are your dances. We offer an introductory private lesson where we can show you the different dances and help you pick.
FAQ Dance The celebrities practice at least eight hours a day with their professional partner to learn and perform a routine in a week. It is not entirely realistic for an average dance student, but with time we can help you look and feel that good.
FAQ Dance We recommend a combination of both. In group lessons, you will learn the steps/moves and dance them with different people. In private lessons, you will learn the extra juicy details needed to dance those steps/moves with more ease and comfort. Fun moves, tricks, lead/follow, styling, arms, technique, and floor craft are some of the things we cover to help you look your best when you step on the dance floor.
FAQ Dance Private Lessons are set up for a more personal level of instruction. Students are able to progress at a much greater rate than in group classes with the ability to learn at an individual pace and cover in more detail, both the patterns and the technique. This more personal approach gives the students more knowledge and a greater understanding of the dances. Private lessons are an hour long, and can be scheduled at your convenience.
FAQ Dance Coming soon.
FAQ Dance Right away! Don't wait! Get on the floor!
Rhythmic Souls Dance Studio

It's a great way to meet new people socially and keep active physically.

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