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Welcome to our studio. Our goal is to teach you to have a ton of fun with dancing. You do not need a partner to come to any of our classes or events. We rotate partners in our classes and workshops, and you would dance with a teacher in private lessons. You get to meet lots of potential dance partners when you come to classes.

Local Outings
Travel Events/Competitions
Rhythmic Souls Dance Studio



Join us for fun Afternoon Sunday parties

Come out for a super fun and friendly atmosphere. All ages are welcome.
Location: Dance Now LV: 3481 E. Sunset Rd. Ste 107
Park in the front of the building and come in through the cute courtyard.

06-24-SweetSundaySwing   06-23-24-CountryDanceParty




Local Outings

All our outings are announced in class and social media.



We usually head to Stoney's Rockin' Country at Town Square: 6611 Las Vegas Blvd





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Travel Events/Competitions

Rhythmic Souls Challenge:



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Travel Events

Join us for 3 to 4 day events mostly out of town, with nothing but dancing. There are workshops, competitions, and social dancing. It is your choice in what portion(s) of the event you would like to participate. Talk to us before heading out to an event, so we can recommend one better suited for your needs and goals.



Rhythmic Souls Dance Studio

It's a great way to meet new people socially and keep active physically.

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We all enjoy music, dancing, and good company so come join us today!