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Welcome to our studio. Our goal is to teach you to have a ton of fun with dancing. You do not need a partner to come to any of our classes or events. We rotate in our classes and workshops, and you would dance with a teacher in private lessons. You get to meet lots of potential dance partners when you come to classes.

Private Lessons
Special Events
Rhythmic Souls Dance Studio

Group Classes


Group Classes are a great way to get your feet wet and meet awesome people at the same time in an easy-going, friendly and welcoming environment.

You do not need a partner; we rotate during classes. If you bring and prefer to stay with your own partner, just let us know.

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Competitive Advanced description: competitors, we are bringing your class back, and we are not holding back. Must understand how patterns, connection, timing, teamwork works as it pertains to Modern Swing. Please keep in mind, this class is not meant to separate students, but to provide dancers, and competitors, even aspiring professionals a tailored experience. If you have made semi-finals at any WSDC event competition, you are good to attend this class. If you are unsure, or not a competitor, but have an interest in this class, please contact us. You asked to level up and put Vegas back on the competitive map. We will give you the blueprint. We have always been a cozy and mighty community, but we grew quite the number of outstanding dancers and all levels of competitors here. We are ready to grow more! Let's do it!!!!









Workshops: Dips and Tricks





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Private Lessons

Private lessons are focused and taylored to fit your needs. Applicable for up to 2 people. Private groups available as well. Contact us.

Please give us a call at 702-723-SPIN(7746) to schedule your lesson

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Wedding Dances

The first dance as husband and wife is a time honored tradition and a moment in time that will forever stay in your hearts. Our goal is to help you make that memory one you will treasure forever. Let your friends and family stand in awe while you light up the room with a personalized wedding dance. A choreographed routine, or some cools moves and the ability to lead and follow them, can help you shine on the dance floor like you shined at the altar. Whether you want to be a little more traditional or outrageous and over-the-top, that first dance will always be a special memory. Let us help you make it everything you hoped it would be. We can also help with father/daughter and mother/son dances, even a dance for the entire wedding party.

We like to meet with all of our wedding couples to talk about how you see your special day. Please contact us for a free consultation and pricing.


Special Events

Do you find your attendees glued to their chairs when the music starts? Dance lessons are a perfect ice breaker! Dance lessons with comedic relief are an even better ice breaker!

Corporate parties....Conventions...Private Parties....Fundraisers......You Name It!

Would you like us to perform at your event? Do you want to dance at your company or house gathering with a professional instructor? Do your skating students need help with routines? Do you want to do a flash mob to surprise someone on their birthday or propose in style? We'll customize a package to make your event an unforgettable DANCE PARTY! Contact us with your dance party needs.

Let us know. We will help your dance dreams come true.

Rhythmic Souls Dance Studio

It's a great way to meet new people socially and keep active physically.

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We all enjoy music, dancing, and good company so come join us today!